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Monsoon Mangoes (2016)

An ambitious young man in his early 30s heartfelt aim is to be a film director. He attempts to make a film named "Monsoon Mangoes" after producing some unsuccessful short films. For this venture David, the young man ropes in an old Bollywood actor who was a hero in 2-3 films, who now lives to make ends meets. His attempts to create The Seventh Seal sort of art film and results in failure. He returns to a regular job. Though he tries to adjust with that life premonitions of his film pulls him back and he finally attempts to re-edit the film with clippings from the lead actors personal items. He tries to re-invent the actor's own life experience and stories for his "Monsoon Mangoes". For this he uses a clip which he recently recorded before the actor's death as the center piece and material from his original film. The clip is a monologue of the actor expressing that "cinema is not above a life and there are three types of people. Firstly, those who consider having a job and family is everything. Secondly, those find what they do is not enough and expands there horizons and makes contributions to the society and thirdly there are people who tries to expand there horizons and fails, but pursue them and fall in the journey before reaching the destination." David orchestrates a public viewing for his film and a lot of people attends and appreciates it. This makes David happy in realizing his dream.

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